At G MAC Constructions, we offer renovations to existing office or shop spaces and new office or shop fit outs, as well as demolition and strip out services.

As part of the demolition and strip out services, we can clear the space quickly or if you choose we can use a more careful approach by sorting materials so that we can reuse some of the furniture and fittings in the new fit out or recycle items where you see fit.


We ensure a high quality job clearing out the space and making sure that the space is ready for a new fit out and decoration.

When requesting a strip out or demolition job our services include a full consultation, removal of partitioning systems, furniture and equipment, disposal of waste and recycling where appropriate. We will also repair any surfaces that require work before a new installation.

If on the other hand you are happy with your current overall structure but feel that your furniture is looking old or out of date, we can refurbish some or all items to create a whole new look for your building without the price of a complete renovation. This option is often chosen by those wanting minimal disruption to their usual work arrangements.

We are also available to attend to the requirements of big and small shopping centres and the shops within these buildings. We pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time and ensure a safe environment for our team and the general public at all times.

So why choose us?

We offer expert work from an experienced team that deliver the highest quality standards in the industry with a focus on occupational health and safety policies. We work with a number of main and sub-contractor services to ensure that your refurbishment services are competitive in price with a fast turnaround and minimum disruptions to your business while we carry on with ours.